The EMH Project

I have decided to pursue the “Mad Money” project I alluded to in my last post. In my classic “visions of grandeur” style, I have decided to launch a site dedicated to the financial research I engage in. The site is entitled “The EMH Project” and can be found at
I will host a blog there, along with forums where I hope readers will join in and discuss the issues posted on the site. I will publish the findings of myself and my colleagues who are involved in financial research. Additionally, I will make available papers that are uncovered during our research — respecting, of course, the rights of the author(s) and publisher(s) of the papers.
I would certainly welcome the contribution of qualified researchers. If you are interested in contributing to the site, or having your work published there, please email me at corey hyphen gallon at The EMH Project dot com (no spaces).
I will be launching the site with “The Cramer Project.” This project will, as aforementioned, track the performance of Jim Cramer’s recommendations over varying periods of time, and in porftolios of his picks which fit varying criteria. The object of the project will be, of course, to determine the implications of the “Mad Money” picks’ performance on the EMH. Interested, qualified researchers are invited to participate by emailing me at the above listed email address.
I am rather excited to commence work on this project, and also for the launch of what I hope will grow to be a valuable resource for research in financial theory.