Addon Domains at HostGator

hostgator-failThis site is, as I’ve mentioned previously, hosted on a Linux server I rent from HostGator. I ran into a bit of trouble when using “addon domains” with their service which I have meant to document for some time now.
I read the knowledgebase article at HostGator Support on setting up addon domains which warns at the top of the article:

“Before you can add an addon domain you must change the name servers for the domain name to the ones provided for your hosting account. You cannot create an addon domain if your DNS for the site you are trying to add hasn’t propagated yet.”

I was exact in following these instructions and waited 3 days for the DNS changes I had made at GoDaddy (where I purchased and manage the domains) to propagate. Ultimately, they did not.
The solution to the problem was to setup the addon domain at HostGator, via the cPanel, immediately after making the DNS changes to the domain. I’m not sure if this is an issue unique to GoDaddy domains — I imagine it is not. It seems that the documentation provided by HostGator is inaccurate in this regard.